Time is the most valuable resource!

Forel Trans company highly values clients time. For this reason we offer a wide range of transport and logistics services using interactive services and resources in our work with clients.

  • - At least it is QUICK and convenient! 
  • - In many issues more objectively.
  • - Quickly + effectively.


Interactive platforms:

Cargo transportation:
What are the differences from many other transportation platforms?

  • Access is granted only to transportation carriers and customers (cargo shipper).
  • To accept orders and requests tender system is used, both for customers (reverse auction) and for carriers (rise auction).
  • Ability to work with foreign partners without foreign languages qualifications (we have our managers for this purpose).
  • ”Forel Trans” takes all trade risks. As a result we guarantee smooth and efficient work

4PL purchase
Commercial platforms that will be interesting to manufacturers in CIS countries, as well as to buyers from Europe and Asian region countries.

  • Forest products
  • Metal products
  • Agricultural products


How does it work? It is quite simple:

  • Customers get access to production orders and the possibility to place their final products in the stock.
  • Forel Trans is the trade guarantor, who accompanies all logistics, and as a result provides first-class service to  partners.
Give a try and you will enjoy it for sure Forel Trans