With our own sawmills in Russia and Belarus we can cut timber to lengths and thicknesses and supply timber to you with a lower degree of processing quality, as well as the highest. It all depends on your needs and opportunities, you are welcome to choose the option that is most preferable to you.  Sawing takes place both on band saws and circular on Multirip benches (Italian and German production). 
To this day we have experience in supplying timber to Europe and outside. 
At this moment our main market in Europe is UK. The timber we supply is in accordance with EU Construction Products Regulation.
CLS we are supplying is:
• Taken from Spruce (Whitewood).
• Graded in accordance with BS 338-2009 to either C16 or C24 grade. 
• Kiln-dried, planed and finished with eased edges. 
• Treated* 
• Produced in Belarus and Russia
• 1st class quality in GOST standards 
 Truss Material we are supplying is:
• Machine strength graded TR26 truss material.
• Treated*
• Produced from Whitewood (Spruce).
• Kiln-dried, planed all round and packaged to length. 
• Produced in Belarus and Russia 
• 1st class quality in GOST standards 
We also supply Unseasoned timber: 
• Produced from Spruce or Pine (Whitewood) logs 
• Regularized and Kiln-dried
• Treated (if required)
• 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th class quality in GOST standards 
• Produced in Belarus and Russia
*Treated with (Tanalith E, Wolman CX, Protim E406, Antiblu and etc.) in accordance with BS 8417:2011+A1:2014
With extensive stock, and a range of different woods available, we can provide timber in lengths and thicknesses to suit your requirements. 
We are ready to act as a supplier of timber you are interested in. You can send us a request for any varieties of wood, types of product, and we will make an offer almost instantly. All prices will be listed with the cost of delivery and customs formalities. Delivery conditions in accordance with Incoterms are DDP. 
We are ready to discuss your needs and our capabilities in any form convenient for you. 
We look forward to future cooperation and will be happy to answer all your questions.