Pallet (tare) board – is lengthwise sawn timber billet, intended for further production of pallets and other transportation packing. It can be additionally treated (drying, rotary cutting, antiseptic applying, etc.).

In the world market with different highly developed trade areas, pallets are widely used to transfer goods from the seller to the buyer.
Depending on wooden pallets application area, certain requirements and standards are applied (such as UIC 435.2, ISPM 15 / IPPC, etc.).

Forel Trans company delivers pallet billets to Europe for production of the following types of pallets:

  • "EURO"  This type is produced by licensed manufacturers and it passes strict quality control on a regular basis in European EPAL Association. It is returnable and reusable.
  • "CP" Intended for chemical industry. Mainly used in North America. Reuse and repair are acceptable.
  • “VMF"  Created for glass companies in France - for transportation of glass containers. Multiply used. 
  • "FIN" Complies with ISO 3676 and 6780 standards, which are common in Finland, hence it is called FIN pallet.
  • "Expendable" Produced at clients request according to the specified sizes.

We also produce custom made container products.
We provide the supply of used EPALl and UIC pallets from Belarus republic and Russian Federation to European countries. 

Forel Trans is a reliable partner on the way towards success