4PL or all parts of services!?

Goods transportation is just a small part of the complex work. It is needed to choose high-quality products, buy and pack it, and plan the shipment. As well as to process import and export documents, proceed related customs formalities, and this does not include transshipment with the possibility to store goods in warehouses and terminals, which can occasionally happen.  

Working with 4PL provider allows to ease contractors issues related to: 

- searching of reliable foreign partners and manufacturers;
- foreign languages skills;
- goods transportation and related services;
- customs formalities in departure and destination countries;
- consulting services on Foreign Economic Activities;
- certification, obtaining of documents needed for import and export of goods; 
- unload in the warehouse, packaging services for further shipping.

Furthermore, any difficulties appeared in the transportation process to be solved by your 4PL provider. It is much more convenient  instead of using services of individual firms. The service list should also include cargo insurance. In case of cooperation with a company that offers such comprehensive solution, you will have a guarantee of timely and reliable delivery of goods, and its complete safety during transportation.


How does it practically work?:

The customer conclude a contract for goods delivery through Forel Trans company, defines its specifications and options, the cost, as well as delivery and payment terms. And as peculiar as it may sound in the modern world: "That is all!". The customer only has to wait for goods to be arrived to their warehouse. One of the important advantages of 4PL operating is hedging (insurance against risks) and smooth work (each participant deals with his own work).

For more detailed information, you can contact our specialists by any specified contact phone numbers or send a request to 4pl@forel.by.


Forel Trans, give a try and you will enjoy it for sure